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Walk and Talk Therapy

Walk and Talk Therapy as the name suggests is where the counselling sessions take place outdoors whilst walking through nature. You do not need to be fit or even particularly outdoors-orientated to benefit from this setting for your therapy.

This informal, less intense approach can sometimes make talking about painful circumstances and exploring thoughts and feelings easier.

Those who find being confined indoors daunting and overwhelming, discover that connection with nature gives them a sense of freedom and peace. Others, who have felt stuck in therapy in the past, discover being physically active outdoors helps release tension and stimulates new ideas to help them with their issues and to move forward.

If this resonates with you, then 'Walk and Talk' sessions over a period of weeks may be a healthy alternative.

The view of the mental health charity MIND and many others is that being outdoors and having contact with nature improves our physical and psychological health as well as our mental wellbeing. In fact, walking not only helps reduce levels of stress, anxiety and depression, but it also helps with loss, grief, life transitions and relationship and work issues.

Being in nature can give you a sense of freedom and connection.

During a 'Walk and Talk' therapy session, you will set the pace just like in a traditional counselling session. You may choose to meander along and have a relaxing walk or equally you may decide on a quicker pace.

The focus of 'Walk and Talk' therapy is not on how fast or how far you can walk but on you, your process and what you're comfortable with.

All the traditional safe boundaries for effective counselling will still apply, including a mutually agreed focus for our work and an agreement concerning confidentiality.

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